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Departments   Attempt  to  Uplift   Tribals  in  Kankadahada : Efforts to bring Back their Indigenous food 

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Dhenknanal (Biranchi Narayan Seth):   Tribals used to prefer their millets for consumption as well as sale for their livelihood purposes . Tribals of Kankadahada used to take millets like Mandia, Suankhir and Kangu  but they are oblivious  for years for lack of opportunities .

 In order to bring back their food habits and strengthen sources of livelihood , departments of Agriculture , Horticulture  , Fishery and animal husbandry have launched awareness, training and on the spot guidance to tribals of  Putipal, Ekul and Sekul villages with joint efforts  in their villages on hilly areas .  They are trying to focus to upgrade their skill and providing these seeds to raise saplings in their lands  surrounded by  Dense forest .
Now tribals [ juang ]  have taken interest to grow these millets as it was their staple food in the past   Even consumers want these but  various companies sell these food items with colourful package   with high price.

Chief district Agriculture officer Ansuman Patnaik  informed we have adopted these tribal villages by providing all need based facilities to promote their indigenous crop culture so that it can strengthen their economy . Apart from the millets  district administration has taken steps to promote poultry there .

Earlier [ last Novemeber ] Collector Saroj kumar Sethi accompanied district dept heads to understand plight of the tribals who are not connected with mainstream society and ensured all required facilities like road connectivity , transport facility for PDS materials  and funds sanctioned for  road  after departure from these villages.

However tribal people first believed presence of district authorities and getting support in the remote villages , said social worker Umakant Mahant .

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