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PMFBY Certificate  holder   Woman  Denied  Loan  Despite  Pre Sanction  Letter

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Dhenkanal(B N SETH): A woman applicant , prize holder of Pradhan Mantri  Bhasal Bima Yojana , was recommended by Department of Horticulture and approved by State level Committee as she was eligible for seeking loan with more than 30 percent subsidy. Her project was food preservation  to be opened newly centre in Dhenkanal town  .  She is Sabitri Sukla , 49 yr old lady.

According to official sources her application was forwarded with formalities to Union Bank, Dhenkanal  over eight months ago . To process the application the Bank branch manager sought additional documents like NOC from previous loan disbursement bank, requisite certificates and plan design and  authentication letter of Horticulture and subsidy confirmed letter of  State Horticulture authorities and approval of district level committee headed by Collector .

She had to comply all letters and documents from time to time sought by the Dhenkanal Union Bank branch manager. However earlier the bank had issued pre sanction letter to Sabitri and it was informed  to department of Horticulture and district administration

Meanwhile subsidy letter has crossed date and time frame for inordinate delay on part of the bank , she alleged . The Bank could have checked    my  civil or could have  checked before issuing pre sanction letter .

Practically bank has already received No dues clearance but was buying time for 8 months and finally said No to bank loan for the food processing proposal .

Deputy director of Horticulture and  assistant horticulture officer often apprised the Dhenkanal  Union Bank manager [ then  manager]  and earlier  manager who had issued pre sanction letter   to her . Prior to Union Bank, earlier Horticulture department had sent the selective proposal to UCO Bank Dhenkanal main branch but  it was declined as there is no land in her name .

Though she has land in name of  her father in law and NOC was submitted from her family  as there was no objection if she used the land for the project .

As an entrepreneur   Sabitri Sukla is trained by department of MSME . She is often offered letters of ORMAS, Horticulture and Agriculture  to open stall in various Melas in Odisha . She has been promoting indigenous rare  pickles, dry food products , food grains collections and organic products   and herbal products .

Her husband was also an entrepreneur who worked jointly with her for 15 yrs and passed away in April 2020.

Sabitri has urged Reserve bank of India for immediate intervention and take action against harrassement shown to  her for months . The bank has declined to sanction loan finally without any written communication to her but earlier had issued pre sanction letter for consideration of the project under govt subsidy.

She has asserted  the bank manager had visited the spot   before issuing pre sanction letter .No bank’s pending dues in any branch against her , Sabitri reteirated.

Digital technology which shows her ‘civil status ‘  is not matching her reality on bank status , so she has sought RBI support to resolve the issue.

However Union Bank Dhenkanal branch manager  told this paper she had applied in tenure of his predecessor , not his time and civil is not upto requirement .

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